This report is issued from the learning expedition organized as part of the Master PIC of the Ecole Polytechnique. This program, which brings together students from engineering and business schools, combines theoretical formation and practical involvement in innovation projects within different companies.

This Learning Expedition is an important component of the curriculum. It allows us to understand the challenges of the innovation process in a different context and to measure the importance of cultural aspects in the management field. In addition, this trip naturally enables us to network with companies and universities in the host country.

PIC students decided to share the knowledge they have gained on this expedition as a shared benefit and to thank the companies that have welcomed them. A twofold report:
1. 6 articles that analyse transverse topics inspired by this learning expedition,
2. 11 reports of the company visits.

"Teaching management and especially organizing this type of learning expedition would not be possible without the close cooperation between academic and business world. I want to thank the companies that have welcomed us with great availability and openness." Christophe Midler, Responsible Professor for Master PIC, Head of Innovation Management Chair at the Ecole Polytechnique